In 1995 atmpartSSource expanded our operations in order to support our IT clients who were entering the ATM support industry. As their US buying office we source, finance and ship Diebold and NCR parts and components. We support companies in Australia, South Africa, Europe, US and Central America. Our JIT program allows our clients to experience significant savings.


We are the SOURCE and SOLUTION for  new and refurbished DIEBOLD, NCR and Wincor parts. A partial listing of parts we sell are;


00100228000P FUNCTION KEYBD RFP new original
00101123000A FUNCTION KEYBD RFP new original
00101194000A 15 VGA FDK RFP new original
00101197000A 9 VGA FDK RFP new original
00102604000B KIT;INSTALL,UNV CRD RDR RFP new original
00102639000AR 396W power supply RFP refurbished
00103001860A G5/866 Cardcage RFP refurbished
00103084FS0A INSTAL KIT,EPP4,LGE,62IX,FL RFP new original
00103085000B 1064i FL or RL EPP4 Small Format Upgrade Installation Kit RFP new original
00103085000E 1062i & 1072i EPP4 Small Format Upgrade Installation Kit RFP new original
00103301000J Electronic Lock, dual combination RFP new original
00103323000B PRINTER RFP new original
00104057000H 15 touch screen RFP new original
00104523000A SMALL EPP4 RFP new original
19019062001B keyboard RFP new original
19020372000A ASM. R/W AMP BOARD (MCT375) RFP new original
19038144000B CCA KIT,CONS PRNTR RFP new original
19041790000C G4 vedio card RFP new original
29009766002A belt assembly RFP new original
39005755000G CCA, Input/output Suppression RFP new original
39007391000B SOL,DC,RTRY,024.0V,CONT RFP new original
39010310000B CCA.IND.DRVR RFP new original
49006633000F DUAL PICKER ASM MMD RFP new original
49007640000F PRINTER 40 COL W/TAKE-UP 10095 RFP new original
49009610000A 9 VGA FDK RFP new original
49012051000C CCA,ATM ADPTR RFP new original
49012951000A CCA,FEC RFP new original
49201784000C keyboard RFP new original
49204203000C opteva motherboard,2.0G RFP new original
49208102000F opteva control PCB RFP new original
49211434000A 860mm R/L Xport(Opteva 760 RFP new original


009-0018958 TEC Thermal rcpt sdc printer
009-0009963 RCPT&JRNL Combo printer
009-0009964 40 col Rcpt only 56XX 58XX
009-0009965 Journal Printer only 56XX 58XX
009-0019221 5890(E) Statement printer RevC
009-0018961-C 5890(E) Statement printer RevC
009-0016723 5890 Thermal rcpt & Jrnl combo
009-0016722 TEC Thermal Jrnl printer
009-0009171 56XX Passbook Printer
009-0016151 5670 Thermal Jrnl printer
189-1062270 5670 Axiohm Thermal rcpt
445-0624495 P40 Thermal RS232
445-0583315 50XX Journal printer

Card Readers
009-0010979 56XX 58XX Dip readers
445-0645656 56XX 58XX Track 3 cog
445-0610719 Smart Card Reader
445-0607704 56XX Track 2

445-0665020 Pele II 1 gig Cage complete

445-0671840 Pele II 866mhz Cage complete
445-0683667 Pele II 866 board
009-0017203 Phantom Complete cage
009-0010001 Power supply

Dispenser assy's
445-0654874 Aria Dual pick unit
445-0615670 Dual Pick module enhanced
445-0605696 Single pick module I.E.
445-0605695 Presenter 5684,85,88
445-0647859 5890 Presenter assy
445-0682737 5886 presenter 37" long
445-0612936 2nd level dispenser board
445-0610451 5685/84/88 disp shutter new style $125.00 RB
445-0623569 Non TI Cash Cassette NEW STYLE